WASTE-FREE CHALLENGE FOR SCHOOLS 25% off plus free shipping! Through Earth Month

Launch a Waste-Free Challenge, and we will help you promote waste-free activities and offer our reusable waste-free lunch products at a 20% discount!

The steps are simple:

  1. Let us know what you are doing or planning to do at school to reduce waste. See our Waste-Free Activity Ideas for suggestions.

  2. We'll email you a coupon code to send to your families for 20% off our products.


Host a waste-free lunch sale

If you have opportunities to sell our waste-free products to your parents or in your community, you can order samples from us at a discount to display, take orders, and send us the order with payment. We’ll send the products directly to your school and you can either offer 20% off retail at your sale or receive 20% back to your school. Doing a sale is a great way to supplement a book fair, green initiative, auction, school picnic, or other event where you’d like to promote reducing waste and raise money.

Waste-Free Lunch Sale
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Waste-Free Activity Ideas

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