Earth Week Challenge

Compete with classrooms across the country
during the week of April 18-22 to reduce your lunch waste!

You could win a U•Konserve Snak Pak for everyone in your class!

Step 1: RegisterUse the form here to register your class.

Step 2: Teach!Help your classmates learn how to reuse and reduce waste:

Step 3: OfferTo jump start REUSE in your classroom, offer a 25% discount to families at your school on all U•Konserve reusable waste-free lunch packing solutions. For information, contact wendy (at)

Step 4: Collect, Weigh and WinEvery day during the week of April 18th collect all of your classroom’s lunch waste. On Friday, April 22nd, weigh the total waste for the week divided by the number of students in your class. Enter it here. Please include anything recyclable or compostable in your weight. If it got thrown away, it counts! Send us a photo if possible. The class that generates the least amount of waste per student for the week will win a U•Konserve Snak Pak for every student in the class!

Ties will be drawn at random. All participating schools will be listed on our website. Sorry, only U.S. schools can participate. If you are on break during Earth Week, you can weigh your lunch trash the week prior and enter your weight at the end of that week. Send questions to wendy (at) Good luck!

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